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Become More Familiar With Terror By Learning About Their History

Terror's history stretches back to its formation in 2002. Frontman Scott Vogel established the group having had a keen interest in the underground hardcore music scene in Los Angeles. Vogel was a fan of what he calls real hardcore, the proper hard hitting stuff by the likes of Agnostic Front, a band who he cites as having a huge influence in the idea to create Terror. He was also a fan of the likes of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

The band began to develop a reputation among lovers of hardcore music after performing various regional tours around Canada and America. They accompanied bands such as Eighteen Visions and Throwdown on their tours and were often the opening acts. This gave Terror some much needed spotlighted and catapulted them promptly into the spotlight among hardcore music fans.

This video captures one of Terror's early performances at the Showcase Theatre in Beltsville, Maryland.

The 30 minute long video gives some indication of the energy and wildness that Terror's live music performances are synonymous with. Many fans have mentioned that this performance was one of their favourite ever events at the Showcase theatre. This is high praise given that it has hosted some of the most prominent figures in hardcore music.

The group released their debut extended play album with record label Bridge Nine records in 2003. It was called Lowest Of The Low and even though it is only known by die hard fans of the genre, the full album has garnered over 15,000 views on YouTube. Terror followed the release of this album up with yet another tour – demand was high for them because of their frenzied antics and memorable performances.

They had started to gain some fans in Europe and further afield, and in 2004 they toured Europe and Australia with rock band Agnostic Front. Their appeal was global among fans of the hardcore genre by this stage. After returning from a highly successful stint on tour in Europe, Terror began another tour of America and Canada. It seemed that the band were always on the move. Guitarist Frank Novinec left the band in 2006 to join Hatebreed, another group trying to make a name for itself in hardcore music. The band retuned for yet another stint on tour in Europe due to the appeals of their European fans. They joined the likes of Madball, Unearth and All That Remains on a Europe wide tour featuring some of the most reputable artists in hardcore music of that era. To sum up Terror's first few years, they did not spend more than a month off the road in their first five years as a band. This shows their dedication as well as their relentless drive and energy. They are a band who love what they do.

Terror released a DVD in 2007 entitled The Living Proof. It was marketed as the ultimate hardcore DVD. The release was over 3 hours long and features some of Terror's live performances in venues across the globe including Brazil and Australia. It also contained an entire live performance recorded in London in 2006 and behind-the-scenes footage of all band members.

They continued their trend of going on tour almost all the time and have produced numerous albums since the DVD release including 2012 record Live By The code. Their most recent outing The 25th Hour is a slight change of direction from the band into darker and more raw lyrics. The group are still touring into 2016 and they have a number of performances lined up around Europe and America.