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Terror, A Band That Like To Change Personnel But Always Retain Their Essence

It has sometimes been difficult for fans of Terror to keep up with who is performing for the band at any given moment, especially on the bass section. The group has undergone several changes of personnel in the past. The only constants being lead singer/founding member Scott Vogel, and drummer Nick Jett. There have been ten different members in total of Terror. Here is a brief look at some of the more well known and longer serving members of the band, starting of course with lead man Vogel.

Scott Vogel. Vogel was interested in hardcore music from an early age. Regarded as an eccentric performer, he is known for his numerous stage dives, often performing going crowd surfing up to five times in the one gig! The most enjoyable part of being a band member for Vogel is the live performances for Terror's fans. Vogel ensures the gigs are always memorable. It is difficult to put into words what Scott brings to the stage, his verve, enthusiasm and energy are completely unparalleled even in this most energetic of genres. He also brings a sense of humour to his performances, something which fans of the band appreciate in abundance. The most amazing thing about Vogel is that he can fire up a quiet crowd completely of his own accord. His constant encouragement of crowd participation leads to a frenzied and wild atmosphere with stage dives and circle pits a regular occurrence. Fans return from every Terror gig physically exhausted but mentally exhilarated thanks to Vogel's relentless chase for a great big hardcore party. His most famous line is “Maximum output! Activate the pit!”, after which one of the band members or production staff will do a swan dive into a mass of enthusiastic revellers. Having been on the hardcore music scene, Vogel is somewhat of a veteran, and many fans have credited him with the genre's survival throughout the 2000's.

This video clip of a performance by Terror in Amsterdam gives a clear indication of the raucous atmosphere Terror and Vogel in particular creates:

The video is a clip from the 2013 Rebellion tour, and it is of their hit song Live By The Code.

Nick Jett. Jett is the only other original member of Terror to still feature in the band to this day. He is a skilled drummer, and he also produces music. His drumming roots began in Tennessee from the tender age of 12. Music has been in his blood for three generations – his father and grandfather before him were also keen drummers. Jett's musical instrument talents don't stop with the drums though, he is also an impressive guitar and bass player, with some decent vocals too. Nick first came to prominence on the hardcore scene in Los Angeles when performing at late night venues such as Whiskey and Roxy. Scott Vogel heard about his talents on the drums, and he approached him to form the hardcore band Terror. Nick is a skilled lyricist, and for many years he has performed the role of songwriter for Terror, often sending out a message through words. His work with Terror has given him the chance to travel around the world. On his travels he has developed many friendships with people within the music industry, who often come to him seeking advice on drum beats, guitar riffs and vocals. His most proud collaboration to date is his work with Matt Hyde, a world famous record producer. The duo have produced many records together within the last few years.