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The Rebellion Hardcore Music Tour 2013

Black N Blue Productions and M.A.D Tourbooking in association with Mazine presents Rebellion 4 Tour 2013. The legendary hardcore group Madball will headline the event. Joining them will be Terror, Comeback Kid, Your Demise, Ays and The Setup. The tour will take place over the month of March 2013, featuring concerts in over 10 different destinations throughout Europe. The hugely successful tour is organized by Madball, and 2013 marks the 4th anniversary of its existence.

Here is a brief look at some of the other main acts performing on the Rebellion Tour 4 2013:

Madball. Madball are a New York based hardcore punk band. They were formed in 1988 as a spin-off project of the hugely successful hardcore punk band Agnostic Front, famous for hits such as Victim In Pain, and a major player in the emergence of hardcore music in New York in the eighties. The band features all the same members of Agnostic Front. Their first few live performances contained a collection of previously unheard Agnostic Front songs. The band received plaudits from hardcore music fans who had been curious to see what direction this side project of Agnostic Front would take. The band had modest beginnings, performing frequent regional gigs, without developing much of a following country wide. This changed after the arrival of a second guitarist to the band, Matt Henderson. Nineteen ninety four proved to be a turning point for Madball, and they began to gain a more widespread following after the release of two full length LPs – Set It Off and Demonstrating My Style. Both were acclaimed by fans of the hardcore genre, and the success of these albums paved the way for a tour around America, which proved successful.

They continued touring and releasing albums, and Madball began to garner a following in Europe to add to their success on the American music scene. The band was dissolved in 2001 after they felt the project had run its course, but it was reignited in December 2002. The reformed group contained new members Brian Daniels and Riggs Ross. They have since released new albums including a Best Of Madball record in 2003 and Infiltrate The System in 2007. They departed from record label Ferret Records in 2010, having been signed up to them since their debut album. They are known among fans of the hardcore genre as influential and synonymous with a crossover thrash style of music. They have released 8 albums to date, and their Rebellion tour around Europe was organized as a best of hardcore music festival for the first time in 2009. such was the success of this that they have since organized 3 more, and the 2013 promises to be yet another spectacular show.

Comeback Kid. Comeback Kid are a Canadian hardcore band. The name of the group is derived from a newspaper headline about the return of Mario Lemieux to the National Hockey League. Hockey is a huge sport in Canada and the band have described themselves as big fans of the sport. They were formed in the year 2000, Andrew Neufield and Jeremy Hiebert, both of whom were also members of another hardcore band, Figure Four. Comeback Kid was initially intended to only be a brief side project while Figure Four were on hiatus, but they quickly achieved their own impressive reputation on the hardcore scene, mostly due to word of mouth. They have released five studio albums to date, and they are signed up to the same record label as Terror, Victory Records. Their main activity comes as a touring group, and the band often wows crowds with their pure form of melodic hardcore.