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Terror Cancels Czech Republic Concert As A Show Of Support For Randy Blythe

The much vaunted hardcore band Terror have decided to cancel their imminent gig, which was scheduled to take place in the Czech Republic. The band made the decision together, as a show of support for singer Randy Blythe, front man and lead singer for the American heavy metal band Lamb Of God. Blythe was incarcerated in June (2012) for the alleged manslaughter of a 19 year-old fan by the name of Daniel Noesk, who unfortunately died after Blythe shoved him off the stage. The incident happened at a gig two years prior to his arrest. Blythe returned to Prague of his own accord after being released on bail for the incident.

His imprisonment has posed some difficult questions for other metal bands, and indeed bands in any other music genre who were thinking about performing in Czech Republic. Blythe was arrested upon his re-entry to the country. What makes this case all the more chilling is that Blythe did not know the fan he had the altercation with had sustained fatal brain injuries, which killed him. The full ramifications of what happened were only brought to his attention after his arrest. The incident has raised issues about band safety and crowd safety, both prominent concerns in music genres such as hardcore and heavy metal.

Terror are sticking with their principles here, and they have decided unanimously to axe the concert as a show of support to Blythe. The band are among the opinion that action speaks louder than words when standing up for something you believe in or when defending a cause. This is the reason why instead of having a t-shirt made or using social media to show their support for their peer, the group have decided not to play the gig until such a time that safety issues in the Czech Republic are addressed, and Blythe gets fair treatment. They have vociferously defended Blythe in what they believe is a case of negligence on the part of the event organizers at which the unfortunate incident happened.

The band have decided to release a statement to the media about the cancellation. They felt the need to explain themselves to their many fans in the Czech Republic who had been anticipating their performance in Prague for a long time. The statement reads:

"Terror is going to cancel their show in the Czech Republic this month. We feel obligated to stand up for Randy Blythe. This situation seems to be taken too lightly. Randy comes from punk and hardcore roots, just like Terror. He still supports underground music and has always supported Terror– even singing on stage alongside us when we play Richmond. This hits close to home for us having members of the band and our crew from the home town of Lamb of God.".

The band goes on to mention in the statement that they love their fans in the Czech Republic, but that they need to show solidarity with their long time friend Randy. Terror feel that they could easily find themselves in a similar position to Blythe if security is not ramped up. Promoters and members of security staff need to do more to control the ability of fans to clamber up on to the stage. They also need to ensure that adequate procedures are in place if any security systems are breached.

*The verdict of the Czech courts on the 2012 case of Randy Blythe was that Blythe held moral responsibility for the death of Daniel Nosek. But the blame for the incident happening in the first place was put with event organizers and security staff. Thus Blythe was acquitted of any criminal charges and free to go. Terror have since performed concerts in the Czech Republic. They believe the safety issues have now been addressed.