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An Exploration Of Terror's Impressive Discography

Terror – One With The Underdogs

This was the group's first studio album. Their original extended play album was entitled Lowest Of The Low, but this did not feature a studio recording. It was released in America through the record label Trustkill and its European release was with German label Dead Serious. The album is available for the listening pleasure of Terror fans at YouTube:

This album continues with the trend seen from Terror's various live performances when they were first formed. It is true hardcore music – hard, loud and angry. The album is impressive in that it manages to retain the essence of hardcore music without containing to many profanities, which often act as distractions in hardcore music. Bad words aren't just inserted into lyrics for the sake of it, they give context and meaning. One With the Underdogs is a powerful record in the hardcore music genre and further cemented their status at the time as an up and coming prospect in underground hardcore music.

Terror – Always The Hard Way

This was the band's second studio album and like the first one it was also released with label Trustkill. The album features some guest appearances by other musicians including rappers Mr.Dibbs and Murs. The consensus of this album was that it would please fans of Terror, but it lacked innovation and a bit of spark. The energy was there, but it didn't live up to heights of the previous studio album and other recordings.

Terror – The Damned, the Shamed

This was the band's third full release album. They signed up to a different record label Century Media in the interim period leading up to this release. It was released in 2008 and featured 13 tracks. Fans of hardcore music have called it one of the best hardcore albums of 2008, yet slightly underrated. Terror do what they do best on this album with a bit of a new dimension to their music. This album sounds more technical in parts than its predecessors but still retains that quintessential angry, raucous element that makes Terror's music what it is.

Terror – Keepers Of The Faith

After the success of their previous album, Terror returned with some new sounds in 2010 with the Keepers Of The Faith Album. They stuck to their guns on this one playing no holds bard aggressive hardcore music which pleased their fans immensely.

Terror – Live By The Code

This was the band's fifth studio album and their first in association with Victory Records. It was released in 2013 to the delight of their fans. The album was hailed as building impressively on their previous music. Critics enjoyed how the tracks seemed to integrate seamlessly providing a smooth flow from one song to the next. It was hailed as a step forward in their music philosophy, building on an already impressive decade long foundation wowing hardcore music fans worldwide since 2002.

Terror – The 25th Hour

This was their sixth studio album, and most recent recording, also released with label Victory Records. The album was hailed as treading familiar ground but also having the innovative element in the lyrics which instead of revolving around pure anger, contained a different sense of emotion – an intangible darker side to their lyrics. Many of the tracks on the 25th hour seem to sort of blur together in a deluge of angry and melancholy lyrics. Fans have hailed it as a return to form for the band, with some saying it is their best material since their early albums. The album was released in July 2015, and there is no doubt that the tracks will feature prominently on the upcoming legs of their European and American tour.