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Terror are a well known American band who specialize in the hardcore genre of music. They are based in Los Angeles where they record the majority of their songs. The band have produced six albums to date. Their most recent record is entitled The 25th Hour, and it was released in august 2015.

Hardcore music is typified by faster and heavier melodies than regular punk rock. The roots of hardcore punk rock can be traced to California, and this is where lead singer Scott Vogel hails from. He grew up during the hardcore revolution and this is where he got his inspiration for the band.

Terror have been successful as a band, despite being part of quite a niche music genre. They have a global fan base, having performed gigs in countries such as Bulgaria, Mexico and Russia. Their most successful album to date is entitled One With The Underdogs. The record sold over 40,000 copies, making it a hugely successful release for an independent band. Their album Always The Hard Way was also a major success story. It climbed to the dizzying heights of number 10 on the Billboard Heatseeker's chart.

Terror were formed in 2002, but the band's line-up has changed several times since. Vocalist Scott Vogel founded the band after his previous work with other groups including the metalcore act Buried Alive and other hardcore groups including Slugfest and Despair. Vogel wanted to create a hardcore act consisting of an all-star line up. He recruited other successful hardcore musicians including guitarist Todd Jones and drummer Nick Jett, poaching both of them from another well-known hardcore band by the name of Carry On.

The band are featured on the music merchandise website merchconnectioninc, where avid fans can purchase clothing and clothing and memorabilia associated with the group, including various t-shirts and CD's. Terror's image is as a hardcore band, but guitarist Doug Weber, who performed with Terror for a total of seven years between 2002 and 2009, feels that they are more of an old-school metal band. Weber has mentioned in interviews that Terror remind him of the metal bands he used to listen to when growing up as a teenager. Whatever the actual genre that Terror's music represents, there is no doubt that their impact on hardcore music has been profound.

Before forming terror, founding member Scott Vogel was well known on the underground rock music scene around Los Angeles. He is regarded as eccentric and generally a fun person to be around, and he has developed a reputation as someone who likes to engage in stage dives on a regular basis. They also like to engage in on-stage banter, which has led to adoration from fans who have attended their gigs. They frequently ramp up the atmosphere with statements such as “lets take this shit to the next level”. Their use of slang language is simple, and it effectively helps to get any crowd moving without fail. When it comes to engaging with the crowd, Vogel and Terror take it to the next level, and this is a big reason for their large global following.

Terror are signed up with Chicago based record label Victory Records. The label is synonymous with signing up hardcore music bands, and they have had multiple successes with quite a few of their bands reaching sales of over 250,000 for one song. The most well known artists on their books other than Terror include Hawthorne Heights and Taking Back Sunday. Both of the aforementioned bands have been some of Victory Record's most successful music artists.

The first album of Terror's to feature on the Billboard 200 album charts in America was the 2013 album Live By The code. The record was originally set for a 2012 release, but there were some setbacks in recording the songs. The album peaked at number 21 in the Billboard album chart.

Terror are about keeping hardcore fun and engaging for listeners, but they don't write music for the sake of it. Lead singer Vogel has often described in interviews that Terror's music always contains a message. Vogel formed the band to get a message across to listeners through the medium of music. He has been cited as mentioning that he is disappointed with the modern trend in the hardcore genre of music containing no lyrics. This is why any Terror track you will hear will always say something, to try to speak to the listener.

Terror have mentioned that their biggest inspiration in the hardcore genre was American band Hatebreed. The band, formed in 1994 broke all expectations of any band in this genre before, expanding their music to attract a huge fan base outside the hardcore genre and even getting a nomination for a Grammy award. Terror's own success in appealing to a fanbase not just in America, but throughout the world has mirrored their idols before them.

The band's most recent album the 25th Hour was well received by fans. It is a darker and more raw album for the band and provides a marked change in direction from the preceding records. Terror have mentioned that their plan for the future is to release new records on a regular basis – always upgrading the direction of their music and ensuring that their lyrics have a meaning. They also hope to do as many tours as possible as a thank you for the support of their die-hard fans. Their enthusiasm for music is infectious, and we can expect to be hearing from them on the hardcore scene for many years to come.

The group tour on an almost constant basis, and their gigs are quite often sold out weeks in advance. Their current tour is called the Persistence Tour, and it includes concerts throughout Europe and the Americas, stretching through the first eight months of 2016. It is a busy year in store for the band, but that is what they thrive on. Their global following and energy levels are unsurpassed as a hardcore band and if they could tour all the time, they would.